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Vol. 1, No. 7 [December 2015]:

Author Name :: Olaitan S.K || Aladenika A.K
Country :: Nigeria
Page Number :: 01-03
A rechargeable lamp is a portable lighting device or mounted light fixture used to illuminate broad areas. Lamps may also be used for signaling, as torches, or as general light sources outdoors. Low light level varieties are used for decoration. The term "lamp" is also used more generically to mean a light source, or the enclosure for a light source. The design and construction of a potable rechargeable lamp was constructed to add more values to existent ones. The introduction of the automatic mechanical manual timer control switch which was introduced was serve as off and on switch , to make the rechargeable lamp valuable, durable, increase the efficiency and life span of the battery.
Keywords: automatic mechanical manual timer, rechargeable battery, LEDs.
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Paper Title :: Generation of electricity by running on a leg-powered treadmill
Author Name :: Manish Debnath
Country :: India
Page Number :: 04-07
In today's world global warming & other related environmental issues becomes an important matter of concern in the angle of environmental pollution. To tackle this problem we have to decrease our dependence on fossil fuel especially for generation of electricity and increase the use of green-energy or environment friendly method of electricity generation. This paper will discuss about a treadmill which can generate electricity when someone running on its track. Treadmill is generally used for walking or running while staying in the same place. If someone runs on the track of this machine for one hour then it will generate certain amount of electric energy which will be enough to lighting a LED bulb up to 10 to 12 hours.
KEYWORDS– DC generator, Diode, Inverter, LED bulb, Treadmill.

Paper Title :: Review of Low Temperature Air Generation from Vehicle Suspension System
Author Name :: Prof. S. U. Ratnparkhi || Mr. Tejas Tharkude || Ms. Swarada Radkar || Ms. Niyati Shah || Mr. Vishal Parekar
Country :: India
Page Number :: 08-12
Nowadays we require fuel efficient car which is possible only when load on the system is less. Hence to reduce the load on the system we have to reduce the load on the engine using the kinetic energy generated in suspension system. Current air conditioning systems can reduce the fuel economy of high fuel economy vehicles. With the help of the piston-cylinder arrangement it is possible to convert the compression and expansion in suspension to reciprocating motion which will compress air at high pressure. The pneumatic single acting cylinder is used for this project to compress the air. The output air from the pneumatic cylinder is collected through temperature sensors and this compressed air is stored inside the storage tank. After this research we concluded in car there is a lot of fuel burnt only for working of A.C. while driving the car. By using this compressed air we can run the air conditioning system in the car and save the fuel.
KEYWORDS–Suspension, Air-conditioning, Compressed air, fuel efficient system
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Paper Title :: A Modified Binary Search Algorithm for Carrier Acquisition in DSB-SC Communication System
Author Name :: Muhammad Asif || Anam Nusrat || Arslan Akbar
Country :: China
Page Number :: 13-21
In all DSB-SC (double side band- suppressed carrier) communication systems, acquisition of carrier is a big challenge at the receiver. For DSB-SC modulation, the carrier is not transmitted because it consumes a lot of power but the information is carried only by the side band. A novel algorithm for carrier acquisition is introduced which is a modified version of Binary search Algorithm. This modified algorithm is a hybrid of Binary search tree and Modified search tree. The proposed algorithm proves more helpful for carrier acquisition process as it is more accurate, low cost and less time consuming. Also, the computational complexity is very low, instead of 80-82, needs only 13-14 multiplication for carrier acquisition.
Keywords- carrier acquisition, binary search, modified binary search, primary roots, modulated signal
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Paper Title :: Medical image de-noising using Anisotropic Diffusion
Author Name :: Himali R. Bonde || Prof. S. A. More
Country :: India
Page Number :: 22-28
Image denoising is an important image processing task. Removing noise from the original image is still a challenging problem for researchers. Several algorithms have been published and each approach has its assumptions, advantages, and limitations. Wavelets give high quality results in image de-noising due to properties such as sparsity and multi resolution. Images get reduced due to presence of noise when they are retrieved, stored, transmitted or acquired. In this work, we give an idea to de-noise images by applying anisotropic diffusion and multilevel Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) on different types of noise. The different types of noise which we consider here are speckle noise and salt & pepper noise.
KEYWORDS -Anisotropic Diffusion, Multilevel Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT)
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Paper Title :: Genetic potential evaluation of Binbei area in the Songliao Basin
Author Name :: Dai xiaojuan
Country :: China
Page Number :: 29-32
After many exploration,Binbei area in the Songliao Basin,with large oil and gas exploration potential,is the key exploration area at present. Through the existing data of Binbei area, combining previous research results, this article will give a brief introduction of oil-generation condition in Binbei area.
Keywords: Beibei area, exploration potential, oil-generation
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Paper Title :: Effect of Biogenic Silica Soil Conditioner on Paddy Crop in India
Author Name :: S. T. Buddhe || M.G. Thakre || Sanyogita Verma || P.R. Chaudhari
Country :: India
Page Number :: 33-39
Now-a-days various soil conditioners are being discovered and used in agriculture to increase soil fertility and crop productivity. Different soil conditioners are being used in this direction to improve the food production from the poor and medium soils. In this category, a new product, diatomaceous earth - Biogenic Silica, having the characteristics of good soil conditioner, is now studied in this article to improve the nutrient status and productivity of the soil of paddy field at Jabalpur, India. The results of one season field experiments showed significant improvement in the nutrient content of paddy field soil of medium fertility, and improvement in the yield attributes like plant population (119 plants/m2), tillers (279/m2), effective tillers (256/m2), grains (163/panicle), test weight (21.28 g) and panicle length (24.42 cm). Similarly, grain yield (max. 45.74 q/ha) and straw yield (max. 92.49 q/ha) of rice were improved significantly by application of Biogenic Silica at the dose of 500 kg/ha separately both at transplantation stage and at full bloom stage of rice crop. The improvement in soil nutrients over initial values was up to maximum 2% in soil nitrogen, 42.25% in case of phosphorus and 3.2% in potassium content.
Key Words: Diatomaceous Earth, Paddy, Productivity, Soil Fertility
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Author Name :: Olaniyan, A || Ibikunle, O. A, || Olayanju, A. B, || Olagoke, B. E || Olawoore, W. A
Country :: Nigeria
Page Number :: 40-48
Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. They primarily feed on wood, but also damage paper, books, insulation, and even swimming pool liners and filtration systems. Termites can injure living trees and shrubs. Besides the monetary impact, thousands of winged termites emerging inside one's home are an emotionally trying experience - not to mention the thought of termites silently feasting on one's largest investment. Termites are able to assess wood sizes using vibrating signals, although the exact mechanism behind this assessment ability is not known. However, they are also dependent on the material characteristics of the block, such as mass, density and internal damping. Hence the termite effects on timbers used for construction in Ibarapa East Local Governments, area is hereby studied. Buildings were surveyed in different locations and several observations were made on timbers affected by termite and different ways attempted in preventing the devastating impact of termites on building timbers were application of insecticides, locust beans water, the plant of local tree named pakan pakan. Analysis of the results shown that more than eighty-three percent buildings selected for study seriously devastated by termites in the studied area. Moreover, 21.43% buildings been abandoned, 32.14% had collapsed and the remaining 46.43% were still habitable for owners.
Conclusively, termite attack is the most common cause of insect attack on timber in the studied area and its damage could be extensive and can be expensive to repair. However, simple precautions like Timber treatment, Avoidance of contact of susceptible timber with ground by using termite resistant concrete steel or DPC, Use of timber that is naturally resistant to termites such as Syncarpia glomulifera (Turpentine Tree), Callitris glaucophylla (White Cypress), Ayin or one of the Sequoias before construction could reduce the risk, and finally, maintenance routine that would include pruning trees back from buildings, and checking for galleries on post timber decay should be employed.
Key words: Termite, building, wooden, filtration, timbers, pakan-pakan.
[1]. Bordereau, C. Robert, A. Van Tuyen, V. & Peppuy, A. (1997). Suicidal defensive behavior by frontal gland dehiscence in Globitermes sulphureus Haviland soldiers (Isoptera)". Insectes Sociaux 44 (3): 289–297.
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Author Name :: Ezeagu C.A. || Onunkwo R.C.
Country :: Nigeria
Page Number :: 49-92
The work exposes the fundamentals of the plastic and elastic theory of analysis and degree, in order to sensitize its use. This work also compares the use of plastic method of structural analysis and elastic method of structural analysis using a complex truss system being acted upon by mobile load as a case study. This project disputes the common fact that only the elastic method of analysis is used to analyse mobile loads on truss systems by introducing stipulated steps in plastic method of analysis for analyzing truss systems carrying mobile loads. This project deals with the creation of a computer application that analyzes and designs structural trusses. This program was created using the relatively new C# programming language. The project also discusses various theoretical analysis techniques that can be implemented in developing a computer program. The main theoretical methods used in this project are influence line analysis and plastic method of analysis of mobile loads. The Reinforced concrete design is based on the EC3 code. The project solved the reactions on each member using the influence line analysis for truss system by taking cognizance of the position of the mobile load (at position x = 2a), at a particular time. The complex truss system was analysed using the plastic method by unpinning the members of the truss system to form a frame and beams, for easy analysis. This project designed the complex system using the current code for design regulation i.e. the Euro codes. The bracing members were analysed and designed as a beam, fixed at the both ends and also at the middle. The results obtained from the research of this work shows that the influence line analysis generates higher axial forces on members which include; FC – D = W28a22hkN (compression), FC – I, and FC – J = W2a a2+h2hkN both in compression and tension, then FC – J =W2a3 kN (Tension) and 4W2a3 kN (compression) and FJ – I = 3W2a2h kN than the axial forces generated using the plastic analysis method which also include; Jy=W3a+Mpa(kN) (maximum compressive axial force on vertical strut members), Ix=11Mp−2W3a−2W4h2h kN tension and W4kN tension for both the lower chord and the top chord respectively, when acted upon by the same magnitude of imposed live loads of W2kN. This is so because the plastic method of analysis involves a lot of assumptions that makes it yet not advisable to be used in the analyses of trusses carrying mobile loads.
keywords: Analysis, Elasticity, Load, Plasticity, and system.
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