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Current Issue [Vol. 03, No. 08] [August 2017]

Paper Title :: A simple Method for the Detection of Aflatoxins in Groundnuts
Author Name :: Ahlam Ahmed Hussein || Muna Abbas Fadl Elseed
Country :: Sudan
Page Number :: 01-04
Avery simple method was established, to detect the contamination of Groundnut by afltoxin since they are classified by the international Agency for Research on cancer as group 1 carcinogen for humans. Groundnut for this study were brought from the local market of Khartoum State. The sorted and cleaned nuts were divided into 3 groups A, B and C. Then each group was put in a sieve then dipped in tap water for 1 min. (group A), 3 min. (group B) and 5 min. (group C). The experiment repeated in hot water. Then the nuts were air dried, for one hour, this result in the appearance of brown colour spots only on the external testa of the blanched nuts. Sample B, which was dipped in hot water for 3 min, was considered the best, since the spots were clear with definite boarders. Then another new sample (D) was dipped in hot water for 3 min. to confirm the result observed in sample (B). Sample B and D were exposed to another drying treatment, half of the sample were air dried and the other half oven dried. In both treatments sorting of the nuts was done according to the spots size (small, medium and large). The aflatoxin content in each group was detected by Flourometer. The spots size on the surface of the nuts, were found to be positively correlated to Aflatoxin content.
Keywords: aflatoxin, groundnut, boiling
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