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Current Issue [Vol. 03, No. 11] [November 2017]

Paper Title :: Accurate Fuel Level Finder for Filling and Tank Left Over Fuel Using Sensors
Author Name :: J. Vinoth Kumar || Smitha Elsa Pet
Country :: India
Page Number :: 01-10
Now a days we use different type of vehicle but most of vehicle running with The help of fuels so we should had a perfect meter for indication the level of fuel Today, in the existing vehicles we face a common problem of fuel meters not showing accurate results. They are unable to show the exact amount of fuel left in the tank, though they are analog fuel meter or a digital one (bar type digital fuel meter). Nowadays all fuel bunks having types of digital displays unit in order to display the value of fuel adding to the vehicle. But we don't know whether they adding accurate value or not. Nowadays lot of information regarding the petrol bunk frauds which leads to corruption. There is difference between the amount of fuel which is displayed in the fuel tank and most of the times that is less than the quantity of filled fuel in the customer tanks. Because the pump owner make the arrangements which leads to the benefit to the owner of the bunk. This case customer only cheated by them without knowing that. Most of the vehicles consist of analog meter so it cannot show the current amount of fuel. So now the time is going to change to digital and user want to understand everything.
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