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[Vol. 04, No. 03] [March 2018]

Paper Title :: China's outbound Tourism consumption and its influencing factors
Author Name :: Yuxin Xua || Fang Chen
Country :: China
Page Number :: 01-04
In recent years, with the strengthening of China's comprehensive national strength and the rapid development of its economy, China has become the second largest economy in the world, the largest trading country in the world, and the largest consumption country in the world. China's tourism industry has also gained rapid development, not only that domestic tourism has entered a mature stage, Outbound tourism is also a hot topic in the current consumer market. There are still many problems that can not be ignored because of the short period of development of outbound tourism in China. According to the national conditions of our country, there are many reasons for influencing China's outbound tourism. For example, the improvement of policy, the development of economy, the increase of residents' income, the raising of consumption level and demand. Therefore, this paper discusses the current situation of China's outbound tourism, influencing factors, development suggestions and so on.
Keywords: Outbound tourism; Influencing factors; Eviews;
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Paper Title :: Analysis of College students' consumption behavior based on Virtual variable regression
Author Name :: Jingyi Li || Fang Chen
Country :: China
Page Number :: 05-09
Reviewing consumer purchasing behavior of the reference from the aspects of psychology, in this article, in order to find out the factors that affect consumer’s buying behavior, according to the actual situation, with 64 college students as subjects, the questionnaire on the questionnaire star. Using virtual variable regression model to analyze the data, it is concluded that the factors influencing college students' purchasing behavior have consumer income, preference, advertising and other factors, on this basis, give it an appropriate suggestion.
Keywords:Regression analysis of virtual variables, College students' consumption behavior, Influencing factor, suggestion.
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