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Vol. 05, No. 12 [December 2019]

Paper Title :: Hybrid Algorithm Improving Bisection, Regula Falsi, Dekker, Brent Algorithms for Roots of Non-linear Equations
Author Name :: Chaman Lal Sabharwal
Country :: USA
Page Number :: 01-15
Bisection Method for continuous functions and Newton-Raphson method for differentiable function are widely used for finding zeros of non-linear equations. Numerical techniques are explored when an analytic solution is not obvious. There is no single algorithm that works best for every function. We designed and implemented a new hybrid algorithm that is a dynamic blend of theBisectionand RegulaFalsialgorithms. The experimental results validate that the new algorithm outperforms Bisection,RegulaFalsi, Dekker’s and Brent’salgorithms with respect to computational iterations. The new algorithm is guaranteed to find a root and requires fewer computational iterations. It is also observed that the new hybrid algorithm performs better that the Secant algorithm and the Newton–Raphson algorithm.The new algorithm guarantees the reliability of Bisection method and speed of Secant method. The theoretical and empirical evidence shows that the computational complexity of the new algorithm is considerably less than that of the classical algorithms.
Keywords:Algorithm , Bisection,Brent, Dekker, Hybrid, Newton–Raphson, RegulaFalsi,Secant
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Paper Title :: Design and Implementation of Power Security Gateway Based on SSL VPN Technology
Author Name :: He Hui || Zhao Tianrui
Country :: China
Page Number :: 16-23
In order to improve the operation efficiency of electric power enterprises, improve staff flexibility and office quality, realize the safe access of mobile terminals to the intranet of electric power enterprises, and avoid interception, tampering and destruction of interactive information, this paper designs and implements a power security gateway based on SSL VPN technology according to the characteristics and requirements of information security construction in the electric power industry. The gateway is designed according to the national security standard. It can protect the interactive information by establishing a secure channel and controlling the access of users. At the same time, it can also authenticate the identity of the mobile terminal to ensure the safety and reliability of the terminal. It has certain practical significance for the information transmission and internal resource security protection of power enterprises.
Keywords: Electric Power Enterprise, Secure Access, Security Gateway, SSL VPN
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