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Vol. 05, No. 08 [August 2019]

Paper Title :: Protection of Three Phase Induction Motor Using Embedded System
Author Name :: Radwan M. AL-Bouthigy || Adel A. AL-shogairy Saleh Y. M. Bakrain || IbrahimA. M. AL-Qadhi || Mohammed M. A. Almassabi
Country :: Yemen
Page Number :: 01-10
This paper present a PIC microcontroller – based control system for the protection of a three phase induction motor.The use of microcontroller technology has enabled the design of energy efficient and cost-effective reliable control systems for induction motors. Faulttypes of induction motor likeunbalanced voltage, over voltage, under voltage, over current, phase failure, over heat and more considered in this work. Fault monitoring and diagnosis are performed using proteus environment. Fault classification is achieved through the microcontroller which includes a program for fault classification. When the fault occurs, the microcontroller sends a signal to the interfaced digital relay to trip the motor circuit and another signal to an LCD to display the type of fault. The use of microcontroller reduce the response time of the protection system and make it more suitable for real time operation. The proposed protection scheme is simulated using MATLAB Simulink. MATLAB simulation results show that the well trained proteus scheme is able to detect all types of internal faults at different locations. The microcontroller used in this work is the high performance enhanced flash PIC16F877A Microcontroller of microchip which has an on chip analogue to digital converter peripheral, among other features. The microcontroller is programmed using C and assembly language to control the function digital relay. MATLAB integrated development environment (IDE) is applied for the development of the proposed embedded applications.
Keywords:PIC microcontroller, three phase induction motor, fault classification, Proteus environment.
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