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Vol. 07, No. 08 [August 2021]

Paper Title :: Severe Storm (Supercell) Over Nuevo Laredo on the Night of May 17, 2021
Author Name :: Carlos Hernández Lopez || Rodolfo Assam Ordonez || Fernando Mireles Arellano || Ismael Marcelo Domínguez
Country :: Mexico
Page Number :: 01-09
On the night of May 17, 2021 a severestorm hit Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas with very heavy rain and intense wind, causing damage to the city. Among the damages are the impact on the electric power supply, fallingtrees, branches, billboards and roofs, as well as floods in certain sectors, including the Quetzalcóatl international Airport in the city of Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Key Words: flooding, heavy rain, severe storm, strong wind.
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