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Vol. 08, No. 03 [March 2022]

Paper Title :: Artificial Neural Network and Big Data approaches to predict oxygen demand to combat Covid-19
Author Name :: Nitiraj singh Sandu || Shakir Karim
Country :: Australia
Page Number :: 01-05
COVID-19 outbreak is the biggest challenge in today’s world. It became a nightmare of this century not only for healthcare, specialist but also for governments, business circles, and many other professions. So far millions of humans have lost their life by being victim of this disease. To combat this pandemic, along with other sectors, computer scientist also came into this field. Leveraging progress of artificial intelligence, computer scientist played a great part to fight against COVID-19. In this research we will present novel framework for investigating oxygen demand for COVID patient. In this technology framework we will use Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and big data to predict the oxygen demand of COVID patient. Result of this framework will help government sector to make decision regarding oxygen demand and supply. Since India is country in the world currently that is suffering from oxygen unavailability, resulting in many deaths. We had chosen India as our case study, but our framework is generic that can be implemented in any partof the world. We believe our proposed framework will play a great part in combating this fatal outbreak.
Key Words: COVID 19., Artificial neural network(ANN), Big data, Oximeter.
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Paper Title :: Following Electron Impact Excitation of Single (30Zn, 31Ga, 32Ge, 33As, 34Se, 35Br, 36Kr, 37Rb, 38Sr, 39Y, 40Zr) ATOMS Li Subhell Ionization Cross Sections by using Lotz’s Equations
Author Name :: Mahmut Aydinol
Country :: Turkey
Page Number :: 06-19
shell and three Li subshells ionization cross sections σL and σLi following electron impact on (30Zn, 31Ga, 32Ge, 33As, 34Se, 35Br, 36Kr, 37Rb, 38Sr, 39Y, 40Zr) atoms calculated. By using Lotz's equation in Matlab ionization cross section values obtained for 20 electron impact energy E0i. These values choosen in EL1i 0i<10EL1i (first ionization energy EL1i to about 14 EL1i to 10,3 EL1i; of (30Zn to37Rb);and 9,52 EL1i to 7,55 EL1i;of (38Sr to 40Zr) range for each atom. Lotz’s parameters and special commands used for each ionization cross sections calculations. Starting all most from ionization threshold values; ionization cross sections are increasing rapidly with electron impact energy E0. For higher E0 values this increments getting smaller for every Li subshells. For smaller E0 energy close to threshold; all ionization cross sections decrease. For a fixed electron impact energy while Z value increases from 30≤Z≤40; ionization cross sections decrease with Z. Results may help to understand similar findings which obtained from other electron impact excitation of Li subshells ionization cross sections studies for similar size single atoms.
Key Words: Li subshells ionization cross section calculations, Electron impact on single atoms(30≤Z≤40), Lotz’s equations.
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Paper Title :: Prospects of Utilization of Alucobond as Wall Finish in Mercantile Buildings in Tropical Climate
Author Name :: Ozoh Chukwudi Stanley || Nkeleme Ifeanyichukwu Emmanuel || Wokocha Chukwulekwuru Christopher || Udeagha John Ebuka || Onyemaeze Ikenna Achigbu
Country :: Nigeria
Page Number :: 20-25
Finishing is one of the most paramount aspects of every building construction because it is the final construction stage of every building, hence needs adequate technical attention. The use of alucobond as wall cladding in modern building construction shows an acceptable advancement in wall finishing. This research work assessed the merit, demerit, and relevances of the utilization of alucobond as a wall finish in mercantile buildings in Tropical climates using Imo State as a case study. The research was pursued using a structured questionnaire administered to the registered professional builders in Imo state, Nigeria. A total of sixty-four (64) of the questionnaires were distributed administered with fifty-five (55) returned properly completed giving a percentage response of 86%. . Data from the respondents were analyzed using SPSSversion 19.0. and presented using mean and Relative Importance Index (RII) to establish the order of severity. The result revealed among others that; alucobond is a preferred wall finish as it offers better aesthetic value, is fire resistant, and is economical in terms of maintenance as opined by these professionals. Also, It largely contributes to the energy performance of buildings by rendering no harm (pollution and gas emission) to the immediate environment Therefore it is recommended that alucobond be used as both internal and external wall finish in mercantile buildings.
Key Words: alucobond, wall finishing, mercantile buildings
[1]. Byrne, A., Byrne, G., Davies, A., & Robinson, A. J. (2013). Transient and quasi-steady thermal behavior of a building envelope due to retrofitted cavity wall and ceiling insulation. Energy and Buildings, 61, 356-365.
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Paper Title :: Brain Tumor Detection using MRI Image Analysis
Author Name :: Dr. M. P. Vani || Zhang H. || Zhang W. || LV Z. || Sangaiah A. K. || Huang T.
Country :: India
Page Number :: 26-29
In recent days cerebral tumour has been recognized in the innovative test. Automatic distribution of cerebral images are an excellent method of reducing the weight of the manual names and increased the quality of cerebral tumour analysis. An imaginary Image (MRI) image has a mental vision of high-level spatial goals, and is an innovative tool used to analyse multiple dispersions and shape of the image in a timely manner. This document presented a trusted identification strategy based on CNN, which reduced administrators and errors. The Bilbao Neural Network (CNN) collected maps that are used to transform a flag or a picture. Image management systems, such as image changed, highlighting and nocturnal histograms which have been created to extract the tumour from MRI images of patients with disease. A false class was created to detect the diseases hundred best hundred. The whole frame work was divided into two stages from the beginning of the diseases hundred best hundred. The whole frame work was divided into two stages from the beginning, of the training/training phase and the recognition/ test phase. The purpose of the task was to identify and remove irregular tissues, using biochemical remarks. The peculiarities and affections of the techniques are evaluated and the accuracy is resolved. Effectiveness paarameters demonstrated significant shows that were useful for extracting tumours from MRI images.
Key Words: cerebral images, MRI, CNN, tumour, nocturnal histograms, spatial


Paper Title :: Automated Vaccine Injection Machines
Author Name :: Lu Fengchun || Yang Tongyang || Deng Hongwei || Sunchen Yangyi || Zhu Bingjing Luo Jiao
Country :: China
Page Number :: 30-41
In view of the large demand for medical staff in the current large-scale vaccination, there will be a large number of people piled up in line for injection. At present, the large-scale vaccination in China still adopts artificial injection or batch injection devices for poultry. The project team creatively developed and produced an automatic emergency vaccine injection device. The device is divided into injection module, holding module, disinfection module, feeding module, intelligent voice broadcasting system and electronic display module. Through the mutual cooperation of these five modules, the injection is realized. The whole device is made of lightweight materials to reduce the fear of needle fainting of the target population. The overall structure is simple, the cost is relatively low, and has strong universality and operability. Through preliminary experiments, users can get a good sense of vaccination experience.
Key Words: automation, injection, low cost, easy operation
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