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Vol. 08, No. 08 [August 2022]

Paper Title :: Multivariate and Mixed Gaussian Analysis of the Maxima of Ozone, Temperatures, Nitrogen Dioxides and Total Suspended Particulate from 2019-2022 in México City
Author Name :: M. Sc. Zenteno Jiménez José Roberto
Country :: Mexico
Page Number :: 01-20
The study includes an analysis of data from 2019 to 2022, the relationship of tropospheric ozone in CDMX and the relationship with daily maximum temperatures, maximum concentrations of Nitrogen Dioxides and concentrations of total suspended particulate matter are analyzed in a multivariate way, in addition to its brief ozone trend analysis, Machine Learning algorithms were used as well as Bayesian Inference with the help of the Matlab program, the concentration data is downloaded from the official monitoring site of the official México City air page, the data from PST concentration were completed using their random distribution for the same study.
Key Words: Multivariate Analysis, Bivariate Distribution Function, Stochastic Processes, Bayesian Inference, Machine Learning, Gaussian Mixing
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Paper Title :: The impact of expanded polystyrene usage on buildingsthermal insulation– Case of Tirana, Albania
Author Name :: Alma Gjonaj || Brigel Lami || Klodjan Xhexhi
Country :: Albania
Page Number :: 21-24
Thermal insulation is an important component in nowadays construction.Considering that before 90s Albania had been undeveloped enough, there was no needed information for thermal insulation’s importance, as well as missing materials and economic hardships to provide them. Consequently, many objects built during this time are not thermal insulated. Nowadays, its application is being more and more significant and convenient due to its benefits.In our country, a lot of attention has been paid to the application of thermal insulation, since 1990s. The main reason is the energy efficiency.Energy consumption is directly affected by its preservation. Moreover, it is crucial to mention the comfort that is offered.To give solutions to these housing challenges, is important to find the appropriate materials.During the latest years, more and more materials are highly standardized in contemporary expectations. One of these materials that is widely used in thermal insulation is expanded polystyrene. The benefits that the material has in terms of insulation, durability, moister resistance, and energy efficiency are important. In construction, insulation continues to function under a variety of temperature, humidity, and other conditions. The impact of expandedpolystyrene in thermal insulation of buildings is the main subject of the study.This study should take in consideration the thermal insulation (EPS) applied in a building in the city of Tirana and another building where there is no application of thermal insulation. A comparative analyse between them should be applied by using a specific instrument, which calculate the U-value taking in consideration all layers of the wall and three components of temperature: indoor temperature, wall temperature and outer temperature.
Key Words: Polystyrene, EPS, thermal insulation, comfort, energy efficiency, u-value calculate
[2]. Edremit, A., 1997. Performing Economical Analyses of Insulation Materials by Determining Physical Properties; Master Thesis, Yıldız Technical University of Istanbul, p. 114, Turkey.


Paper Title :: Quantum interpretation of LENR neutron generation in pinch experiments
Author Name :: Christos D. Papageorgiou
Country :: Greece
Page Number :: 25-30
In this paper, I will present and interpret LENR phenomena that are appearing during pinch experiments, where high voltage electric pulses are applied on conducting linear structures like metallic wires, conducting liquids, or gases. The LENR appearance in neutron generation in strong pinch experiments with Deuterium gas inside cylindrical tubes is also presented.
Key Words: LENR, neutron generation, plasma, Stark effect, z-pinch
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Paper Title :: An analysis of the academic impact of adult education journals from the perspective of high citation frequency
Author Name :: Fengming Liang
Country :: China
Page Number :: 31-36
The cited frequency reflects the academic influence of the paper to a certain extent. In order to understand the development status of adult education, it is an effective way to study and analyze the articles published in adult education journals. Taking China Adult Education as an example, by using the cited journal query function of the Chinese citation database, the cited statistics of all online papers of China Adult Education from its inception in 1992 to December 31, 2021 were carried out. By analyzing the top 100 cited papers in terms of subject distribution, publication time, funding and author group, It also provides data support for the selection and use of manuscripts, column construction, theme selection and author team construction of adult education journals in the future.
Key Words: Adult education journals, academic influence, highly cited papers
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Paper Title :: Research on the transmission trend and mechanism of novel coronavirus pneumonia based on data analysis
Author Name :: Yutong Wei || Wenhan Gao
Country :: China
Page Number :: 37-44
The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused tremendous changes in human life in the whole country and even the world. Based on the epidemic data of Omicron variant in January 2022, this paper improved the traditional Sir infectious disease model, established the sgir model of adding isolators, and predicted the changing trend of the ratio of healthy people, isolators, infected people and rehabilitated people. By comparing with the actual data, It shows that the improved model is basically consistent with the change of epidemic situation in Tianjin. The study provides a theoretical basis for the rational prevention and control of the epidemic, and shows that a series of measures taken by the Tianjin municipal government for the prevention and control of the epidemic are effective, and puts forward suggestions for the government to further formulate prevention and control measures.
Key Words: Novel coronavirus, SIR infectious disease model, prediction, government prevention and Control measures
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