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Vol. 03, No. 07 [July 2017]

Paper Title :: Settlement Analysis of Piled Raft System in Soft Stratified Soils
Author Name :: Srinivasa Reddy Ayuluri || Dr. M. Kameswara Rao
Country :: India
Page Number :: 01-05
To compute and compare the effect of diameter of pile, number of piles and thickness of raft on the behavior of piled raft system. They are analyzed in two Cases: Case I - developed small scale model in Plaxis 3D Software and compared Load-Settlement curves for different pile raft configurations. Case II - developed large Scale model and Compared Settlement analysis with Analytical Pile group with raft problem from Das, B.M [4]. The settlement was measured at the centre of the models of pile raft with (single, two, three, four and Group) piles. For case 1, the Settlement of piled raft decreases as the number of piles beneath the raft increases and the load carried by the piles increases with the increase in length of the pile. For case 2 the percentage difference between analytical and Plaxis results are 2 % which is considerable, in both the cases the settlement get reduced due to increase in number of piles beneath the raft.
Keywords: group piles, load-settlement, piled raft, and stratified.
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Paper Title :: Fabrication of Automatic Car Parking Mechanism
Author Name :: Prof. D. R. Thawkar
Country :: India
Page Number :: 06-10
This paper gives the information about the fabrication of circular automatic car parking mechanism. It is very difficult for the cars to park in such places which are very congested but with enough space to park the car. This is going to increase day by day with the increase in number of vehicles on road. This circular automatic car parking mechanism can be taken as a remedy over this issue. The project is based on electronic system which is used to lift the vehicle with the mechanism and transverse movement of the vehicle for parking will be possible with the help of this mechanism. The main advantages are that it will cover a small space to provide parking for large number of vehicles. It will go to be controlled by switches in a position which will minimize the effort of the user/driver
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Paper Title :: Detection of NPK Ratio Level Using SVM Algorithm And Smart Agro Sensor System
Author Name :: Sabina Rahaman || Harshitha M || Anusha R || Bhargavi YR || Chandana M
Country :: India
Page Number :: 11-15
TSoil plays a major role in any plant growth .Soil properties such as Soil type, Fertilizers, pH of soil, Temperature, Humidity, Moisture are major factors which affect the crop growth .For continuous monitoring of these factors and getting accurate results modernizing the current traditional methods of agriculture is necessary. Hence Project aims at making agriculture smart using automation, image processing and Internet of things. This paper introduces a system which gives the details of all necessary soil factors to the farmer in a mobile app. The highlighting features of this system includes detection of NPK ratio using image processing SVM algorithm .Secondly automatic irrigation using soil moisture sensor .Thirdly environmental factors monitoring which includes temperature ,humidity ,pH sensors . By knowing these factors farmer can decide the best crop to be grown, monitor and maintain the plant growth for the better yield.
Keywords: NPK detection using SVM algorithm, automatic irrigation, temperature, humidity, pH sensor, Internet of things.
[1]. Colour Image Processing Approach for Nitrogen Estimation of Vineyard Published in International Journal of Agricultural Science and Research (IJASR) ISSN 2250-0057 Vol. 3, Aug 2013
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[5]. Digitally Greenhouse monitoring and controlling of System based on Embedded System Published in International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 3, Issue 1, January-2012

Paper Title :: Partial Purification and Assay of Azoreductase and Laccase in the Degradation of Reactive Black 5 Dye from Aeromonas Punctata
Author Name :: Roopa K. B. and Usha M. S.
Country :: India
Page Number :: 16-19
A strain of Aeromonas punctata isolated from textile industrial effluent was used to carry out decolourisation of Reactive Black 5 dye under aerobic condition by enzymatic activity. Both the crude extract and cell free supernatant of Aeromonas punctata was used to determine the enzymatic activity of Azoreductase and Laccase. The cell free supernatant exhibited higher enzymatic activity than the crude extract for the decolourisation of Reactive Black 5 dye. The proteins from the cell free supernatant Aeromonas punctata were subjected to partial purification by ammonium sulphate precipitation, dialysis and column chromatography. The molecular mass of purified enzyme determined by SDS-PAGE was found to be 65 kDa and 45 kDa for azoreductase and laccase respectively.
Key words: Aeromonas punctata, Azoreductase, Laccase, and Reactive Black 5 dye degradation.
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Paper Title :: Damage identification in composite plate by genetic algorithm
Author Name :: Manoj Kumar Garnayak || Prasanta Kumar Sahu || Rabinarayan Sethi
Country :: India
Page Number :: 20-23
Fiber reinforced composite plates are increasingly utilized in the manufacture of mechanical, civil aircraft and high performance structures due to their excellent fatigue resistance, longer durability as compared to metallic structure. Cracks induced in the mechanical elements cause severe failure. In the present scrutiny, methods have been developed for damage recognition in composite plate using genetic algorithm technique. Due to high stiffness-to-weight ratio, Glass fiber reinforced epoxy composite involved in the investigation. The first three relative natural frequencies are applied in fault recognition process and relative crack depth and location are anticipated using genetic algorithm. The results from GA model are found to be in close agreement with simulation results.
Key words: composite plate, relative natural frequency, genetic algorithm.
[1]. Agosto, F.J., Serrano, D. and Shafiq, B. (2008), "Neural network based nondestructive evaluation of sandwich composites",Composites: part-B, pp. 217-225.
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Paper Title :: Expansive Soil Stabilization using Plastic Fiber Waste Polypropylene
Author Name :: Deekonda Gowthami || R. Sumathi
Country :: India
Page Number :: 24-30
Expansive soils are often found in most of the parts of India. Black cotton soil is one of the types of expansive soil. Soil is the basic foundation for any civil engineering structures. Expansive soils are known as swelling soils, which posses the tendency of swelling and shrinkage with the variation in moisture content. These soils are not good for construction as this soil causes severe damage to the structure. To avoid these failures in engineering field soil must be stabilized to achieve soil properties. Change in soil properties by chemical and physical means in order to enhance the engineering properties of the soil is known as soil stabilization. The Soil is improved using many methods and materials in geotechnical engineering. Production of non- biodegradable waste like plastic is going on increasing in recent times. In this thesis, black cotton soil is stabilized using waste materials like plastic waste fiber- polypropylene. Polypropylene fiber content is available at low cost. Polypropylene which is one of the types of the plastic waste is used as soil stabilizer. As it takes extremely long time for natural decomposition, plastic fiber waste is mixed with expansive soil which helps in mitigating the volume change behavior. This study provides the laboratory investigations on Strength parameters of expansive soil and reinforced soil. Tests such as Atterberg's limit, Compaction Test, Swell Index, CBR, and UCS Test are carried out. These tests were conducted on different proportions of reinforced soil until optimized proportion is arrived. Laboratory investigations are carried on black cotton soil blended with small proportions of polypropylene fiber content of 0.5%, 1.0%, 1.5%, and 2.0% by weight of dry soil. Test results were analyzed and investigated to know the effectiveness of plastic fiber waste on Strength characteristics of expansive soils.
Key words: Expansive soil, Soil stabilization, polypropylene, Atterberg's limit, CBR.
[1]. Kiran S. P. ISSN (Online): 2319-7064 Index Copernicus Value (2013): 6.14 | Impact Factor (2014): 5.611
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Paper Title :: Improvement of Online Job Markets through Machine Learning Techniques
Author Name :: Elinamar Santiago Álamo || Angel Ojeda-Castro
Country :: Puerto Rico
Page Number :: 31-37
This article proposes a methodological framework based on process virtualization theory and review of recent literature to improve the problem of information asymmetry that occurs when processes are carried out without physical interaction. The findings indicate that Crowdsourcing platforms are tools to people searching for jobs and generate revenues in a fast and effective way, and has unique advantages that allows the client and the worker to benefit from each other from any part of the world. On the other hand, there are still many gaps and regulations that need to be revised in this type of work, such as legal aspects. Virtualization processes must be improved to achieve the success and satisfaction of clients and workers during the implementation of projects.
Key words: Crowdsourcing, eLancing, Machine Learning, Future of Work, Information Asymmetry, Process Virtualization
[1]. Alice M. Brawley, C. L. (2016). Work Experiences on MTurk: Job Satisfaction, Turnover, and Information Sharing. Computers in Human Behavior, 531-546.
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Paper Title :: Power Oscillations Control Using Statics Synchronous Series Compensator with Damping Controller
Author Name :: Rajesh Kumar || Dinesh Sharma
Country :: India
Page Number :: 38-44
The focus of this research work is on SSSC-based power oscillation damping controller, which can damp the power oscillations occurring due to the any change in the transmission line like sudden change in load, sudden change of generator output, occurrence of fault, transmission line switching and short circuit. In this research work, simulation models for single machine and two machine infinite bus systems with active power compensation by SSSC has been developed. These simulation models have been incorporated into MATLAB based Power System Toolbox (PST) for their transient stability analysis. These models were also analyzed for such types of changes with the use of SSSC-based power oscillation damping controller Oscillation damping controller has varied the phase angle & magnitude of the series injected voltage in order to remove the power oscillations of the specified bus which arises due to the changes in transmission line.
Key words: Statics Synchronous Series Compensator, Matlab, Power System Toolbox, Oscillation Damping Controller.
[1]. N. G. Hingorani, L. Gyugyi, "Understanding FACTS: concepts and technology of flexible AC transmission systems", New York: IEEE Press, 2000.
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Paper Title :: Vibration analysis of fixed-fixed beam using particle swarm optimization
Author Name :: Prasanta Kumar Sahu || Manoj Kumar Garnayak || Rabinarayan Sethi || Bijaya Bijeta Nayak
Country :: India
Page Number :: 45-47
The significance of the beam and its industrial applications is obvious, and it undergoes dissimilar kinds of loading. Such loading might cause flaws in the beam .The presence of crack causes the change in the physical properties of a beam and thus reducing the stiffness of the beam with an invisible decline in natural frequencies. Crack depth and location are the key factors for the vibration scrutiny of a beam. In the present investigation, procedures have been developed for fault detection of a fixed-fixed beam with single crack using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) technique. Diverse crack location effects are considered and the results are compared with different crack depth of the fixed beam. Then Particle swarm optimization algorithm has been developed using the first three relative natural frequencies taking from FE analysis. For comparative study both Standard PSO and APSO is used for crack diagnosis of fixed-fixed beam. The feasibility of proposed PSO techniques is compared through error analysis. The objective of the study is related to design Particle swarm optimization technique for prediction of crack location and crack depth in a uniform cracked fixed-fixed beam.
Keywords: Vibration Scrutiny, Beam, Flaw, Relative natural frequency, PSO.
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Paper Title :: Transformer Platform for Business Process Management Automation
Author Name :: Alex Osadchyy || D. Mgt || Yevgen Osadchyy
Country :: USA
Page Number :: 48-52
A new design methodology for business process management (BPM) systems, named as Business Process Transformer Platform (BPTP), is introduced and applied to designing monitoring and management mechanisms in BPM. The new methodology argues thatby compacting a number of functions into a single modulethat has a simple analogy it is possible to develop complex software systems using the analysis and synthesis means of the simple systems. The methodology provides a framework for simplified engineering of complex systems whilemaintaining the transparency of the system behavior through making context-specific representations of the simple model and maintaining those in multiple views. The application of the BPTP methodology tothe design of a business process monitoring system, was studied. A series of case studies show that the dynamic behavior of the business process management system is represented by a combination of processes, resources, events, rules, activities, orchestration, modelling and analytics transformers, based on which the processes such as marketing, finance, accounting, and product/service delivery, can be designed quickly in one iteration and then enhanced through multiple revisions.
Keywords: programming model, complex systems, business process, transformer, analogy
[1]. Anisimov, A., Osadchyy, Y., Gorbunov, O. (2016).Backbone exoskeleton and transformer technology to ensure it's lifecycle. Journal of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, pp. 39-40. Retrieved from http://dsr.univ.kiev.ua/projects/services/index.php?PAGEN_1=2
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Paper Title :: A Study on Load Carrying Capacity of Soft Clays Provided with Granular Pile of Different Material
Author Name :: Mohd Furkhan || M. Kameswara Rao
Country :: India
Page Number :: 53-59
Soft grounds are usually associated with substantial difficulties since these soils are sensitive to deformation and possess very small shear strength, which may lead to structural damages. Out of several techniques available for improving the soft clay strata, stone columns are ideally suited for structures with wide spread loads with higher permissible settlements. The beneficial effects of stone column installation in weak deposits are manifested in the form of increased load carrying capacity, a significant reduction in total and differential settlements, accelerating process of consolidation, reduction of liquefaction risks, improving the slope stability of embankments and natural slopes. In the present study, in order to preserve the naturally available materials, it has been thought off to utilize some locally available waste materials for the formation of stone columns which is popularly known as granular piles. Laboratory tests were conducted to determine the load carrying capacity of granular piles installed in soft soils by varying the percentages of Recycled aggregate in place of natural aggregate and marble floor dust in place of sand. Tests were also conducted with natural aggregate for comparison purpose. To understand the influence of cementing agents (cement, lime, and gypsum), tests were also conducted by adding the cementing agents to the granular pile material. The test results showed significant increase about 28 folds in the load carrying capacity of soft soil reinforced with granular pile mixed with cementing agents upon curing period when compared to the only granular pile. The addition of cementing agents to the granular pile could also reduce the settlements significantly.
Keywords: Load carrying capacity, softclays, granular pile, cementing agents ,
[1]. Ali H. Mahfouz (2011), "New technique of ground improvement: driven cast-in situ thin wall concrete pipe piles (PCC)", Geomechanics and Geoengineering: AnInternational Journal,vol 6:2,Vpp-19-129.
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Paper Title :: A study to determine if rapport or information by Medical Representatives can contribute towards new product acceptance by doctors in urban and rural settings
Author Name :: Dr Pradeep Salgaonkar || Silveira Cedric Thomas
Country :: India
Page Number :: 60-63
New products are products which one does not have a clue as to how they will fare. This is especially important with respect to the pharmaceutical industry where a number of new products are launched and there is no advertisements for it. Wishing to learn if rapport of the medical representative with the doctor or information provided by the medical representative is related to the acceptance of new products by the doctors, a study was conducted. Urban and rural doctors were interviewed. The correlation between medical representatives rapport with urban doctors and their desiring of new products and medical representatives providing information to urban doctors and their desiring of new products was tested by Pearson's coefficient of correlation . Similarly the correlation between medical representatives rapport with rural doctors and their desiring of new products and medical representatives providing information to rural doctors and their desiring of new products was tested by Pearson's coefficient of correlation. A total of 200 urban doctors and 200 rural doctors were taken for the survey. Key words: Medical representative, new product, rapport, information, correlation
[1]. Cutts, C. , & Tett, S. E. (2003). Influences on doctors' prescribing: is geographical remoteness a factor?. Australian Journal of Rural Health, Vol(11)Issue 3, 124–130. Retrieved from: http:// 10.1046/j.1440-1584.2003.00502.x
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