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Vol. 04, No. 11 [November 2018]

Paper Title :: Application of Differential Interferometry Synthetic Aperture Radar (DInSAR) as a Tool for the Attention of Natural Disasters
Author Name :: Fernando Mireles Arellano || Amanda Oralia Gómez González
Country :: México
Page Number :: 01-07
In the present work shows the application of the Differential Interferometry Synthetic Aperture Radar (DInSAR) as a tool for the attention of Natural Disasters, he examines a special case for Mexico City, the earthquake on 19 September 2017 he did shake the city once again causing human and material damage. The use of this technique DInSAR as a tool that must be seen within the emergency protocols with the end to give a preliminary damage assessments and power with this mobilizing emergency bodies toward the areas with higher damage. This work shows a preliminary phase shift in the ground Town Hall of Mexico City, reflecting structural damage caused in buildings and buildings of the City.
Keywords:Earthquake, Interferometry, Mexico City, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
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[3]. Alaska Satellite Facility Https://vertex.daac.asf.alaska.edu/
[4]. The National Institute of Statistics and Geography, INEGI Http://www.inegi.org.mx
[5]. National Seismic Service Http://www.ssn.unam.mx/

Paper Title :: Gedunin Modification for Anticancer Properties Improvement against the Human NAD+ Kinase
Author Name :: Olanrewaju Ayodeji Durojaye || Augustine Chimezie Onyema || Charity Chinyere Ilo || Kingsley Chijioke Ali || Onyinyechukwu Onuorah || Samuel Cosmas
Country :: Nigeria
Page Number :: 08-14
Background: Cancer, also called malignancy, is an abnormal growth of cells. There are more than 100 types of cancer, including breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and lymphoma. Symptoms vary depending on the type. Cancer treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery. NAD+ kinase (NADK) catalyzes the phosphorylation of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP+) using ATP as the phosphate donor. NADP+ is then reduced to NADPH by dehydrogenases, in particular glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and the malic enzymes. NADPH functions as an important cofactor in a variety of metabolic and biosynthetic pathways. The demand for NADPH is particularly high in proliferating cancer cells, where it acts as a cofactor for the synthesis of nucleotides, proteins, and fatty acids. Materials and Methods: The Modification made to gedunin was done by substituting a CH3 group from the compound with NH2 using the marvin sketch software. The designed structural modifications were saved as mrv files which were then converted into SMILES strings for docking using the OpenBabel software. Molecular docking to predict the binding energy of gedunin and the modified analogue carried out using the AutoDock Vina software while pharmacokinetics parameters for each compound was predicted using the SwissADME server.
Result: Following the modifications effected on gedunin, a positive result was observed as regarding the binding energies of the compounds. The NH2 analogue of gedunin exhibited a higher binding energy for the inhibition of the human NAD+ kinase enzyme. Both compounds are predicted safe for administration as they both cannot permeate the blood brain barrier.
Conclusion: Results from the molecular docking study showed that the NH2 analogue of gedunin might be a better anticancer agent. Laboratory synthesis and preclinical studies on the compound is therefore recommended.
Keywords: Cancer; Gedunin; NAD+ kinase; Phosphorylation; Modification.
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Paper Title :: A Methodology for Obtaining news Probability Distributions Functions Normal and Extreme Value for Bayesian Inference and Stochastic Mixed Gaussian
Case One: For Daily Concentration Data Maximum Ozone
Author Name :: M.Sc. José Roberto Zenteno Jiménez
Country :: Mexico
Page Number :: 15-35
The proposed methodology is oriented data with Gaussian behavior is to adjust the normal distribution function to the data time series maximum data ozone concentration of 2010 - 2017, to give a forecastof concentration, then we use the Bayesian inference for normal data. To validate the model used the following statistical estimators, measuring the root mean square error, mean square error, determination coefficient and prediction approach. Using new means and variances of the new features of extreme distribution generate two new functions normal distribution a minimum and a maximum, so we obtain a new forecast data for further concentration to 150 ppb. And also having the three functions of normal probability distribution, the first set and two new functions normal distribution introduce stochastic method Gaussian mixture to give a new distribution function generally normal probability. We also use the sum of the three distribution functions to determine normal behavior or trend of maximum ozone concentrations for the city of Mexico probability. The database that was used is from page Mexico City http://www.aire.cdmx.gob.mx/
Keywords: Ozone Pollution, Random Distribution Functions and Variable Extreme, Bayesian Inference, Convolution.
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Paper Title :: Multi-feature face liveness detection method combining motion information
Author Name :: Changlin LI
Country :: China
Page Number :: 36-40
Face authentication technology has achieved high stability and efficiency, and play an important role in many fields. Therefore, counterfeiting attacks or replay attacks have been a major threat to the biometric authentication system, and the identification system is vulnerable to various deliberate attacks. This paper proposes a face detection method that combines multi-feature fusion of motion information and texture information. The non-rigid motion analysis extracted the motion information of the facial part. The facial background consistency analysis obtained the correlation between the facial motion and the background motion. The multi-scale analysis obtained the difference of the dynamic texture of the image. Because each feature clearly has its own meaning, the proposed method has stronger generalization ability. Experimental results show that Long-short-term Memory Network algorithm is used to achieve better detection accuracy by using a variety of features.
Keywords: face recognition, face liveness detection, Multi-feature fuse, LSTM
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Paper Title :: Dynamic Correlation Analysis of Futures Price Fluctuation of Crude Oil and Basis Difference in China Based on VAR Model
Author Name :: Hongguo Sun || Wenhui Li
Country :: China
Page Number :: 41-50
This paper studies the interaction between the crude oil futures rate of return and basis difference between the highest price and the lowest price (BDP) of crude oil futures in China. From the perspective of long-term and short- term, the methods of granger causality test, impulse response function and variance decomposition are used to investigate the impacts of them.. The results show that, firstly, both in long and short term, there is an interaction between the crude oil futures rate of return and BDP of crude oil futures; secondly, the crude oil futures rate of return is mainly affected by its own fluctuations. At the same time, the fluctuation of the BDP of crude oil futures has a certain lag on the volatility of crude oil futures, and the current BDP of crude oil futures will affect t the crude oil futures rate of return within 10 periods lags ;at last, from the perspective of variance decomposition, the current error variance of crude oil futures can be explained by BDP of crude oil futures, which is up to 2%,the impact of the crude oil futures rate of return on current error variance of BDP of crude oil futures reaches 0.9%.
Keywords: Crude oil futures; Basis difference the highest price and the lowest price; Granger causality test; Impulse response; Decomposition
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Paper Title :: Research on Heterogeneous Network Integration in Distribution Communication Network
Author Name :: Wei Li || Haonan Zheng || Hui He
Country :: China
Page Number :: 51-58
Distribution communication network is the support and guarantee for the stable and reliable operation of various business in distribution network. According to communication requirements of the different business, the distribution communication network uses a variety of communication modes, which also causes complex network structure of distribution communication network. It has become the key of the study that how to optimize the network structure and improve the security of business data transmission. Through the research on the heterogeneous network integration technology, this paper designs the integration architecture of heterogeneous network in distribution communication network, and also puts forward the concept of intelligent heterogeneous terminal. At the same time, it also analyzes the main functions of intelligent heterogeneous terminals, and puts forward a feasible network selection method in intelligent heterogeneous terminals.
Keywords: Distribution communication network; heterogeneous integration; intelligent terminal
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