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Vol. 09, No. 11 [November 2023]

Paper Title :: Effects of Partial Replacement of Cement with Supplementary Cementious Material of Palm Fiber Ash on the Properties of Concrete
Author Name :: Ikri Samuel Obokparo and Okpoko Juliana Selimat
Country :: Nigeria
Page Number :: 01-07
This study presents an overview of the work done in determining the impacts of palm fiber ash when used in conjunction with cement in the production of concrete. Four distinct percentage replacements were employed (from 0% to 15%). A mix design of 1:2:4 was used. 36 cubes in all were cast, 9 for the standard controls and 9 for each of the replacement percentages from 5 to 15%. All cubes underwent a 7, 14, and 28-day water curing process. The slump test result showed that the workability of the concrete decreased as palm fiber ash increased. The results also indicate that the compressive strength of palm fiber ash concrete increased as the percentage and curing age increased. 5% replacement obtained 7.96N/mm2, 8.31 N/mm2 and 8.83 N/mm2 for 7, 14 and 28 days correspondingly. 10% replacement obtained 7.34 N/mm2, 8.81 N/mm2 and 10.37 N/mm2 at 7, 14 and 28 days respectively. The final replacement percentage (15%) obtained 8.06 N/mm2, 10.66 N/mm2 and 11.17 N/mm2 at 7, 14 and 28 days.The aforementioned replacement was compared to the standard control (0% palm fiber ash) which obtained a compressive strength of 11.23N/mm2, 11.83 N/mm2 and 11.85 N/mm2 for 7, 14 and 28 days respectively. Although the compressive strength decreased when replacements were added, it was discovered that the percentage replacement of 15% produced a compressive strength that was 74.46 percent of the target strength and can be applied for plain concrete cement works. This study demonstrated that palm fiber ash is an effective partial cement material that can help cut down on the waste that the oil refining industries generate, hence reducing environmental pollution and producing concrete for sustainable development.
Key Words: Palm Fiber Ash, Percentage Replacement, CompressiveStrength, Cementitious Materials, Environmental Pollution
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Paper Title :: Integration and Management of Gear Quality Information Based on Cloud Services
Author Name :: Dengpan Zhang || Yibo Zheng || Xianjin Liu || Xian Zhao
Country :: China
Page Number :: 08-15
In order to overcome the challenges associated with the disorderly formatting, dispersion, and inadequate traceability of gear quality data, a research study was undertaken to explore methods for managing such data. The study focused on constructing a gear quality data model using GXML and investigating techniques for mapping this model to a gear quality database. As a result, a gear quality cloud evaluation system was developed, offering valuable data support for the efficient management and exchange of gear quality information.
Key Words: GXML; gear quality; data model; data mapping; database
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Paper Title :: Application of the ZJ Transform to Integral Equations type Volterra – Fredholm and Integro Differentials
Author Name :: M. Sc. Zenteno Jiménez José Roberto
Country :: Mexico
Page Number :: 16-22
The following article is a continuation and is a study, application and results on the ZJ Transform to solve Volterra, Fredholm and Integro differential type Integral Equations
Key Words: ZJ Transform, Volterra Integral Equation, Fredholm Integral Equation, Integral Differential Equations
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Paper Title :: A Most Efficient Hybrid Algorithm for Transcendental and Non-Linear Equations
Author Name :: Chaman Lal Sabharwal
Country :: USA
Page Number :: 23-35
Finding roots of an equation is a fundamental problem in diverse fields. Mostly optimization problems lead to solving non-linear equations for optimizing calculation of the value of a parameter, that is the root of the equation. Numerical techniques are used when analytic solution is no available. We design and implement a new algorithm that is proficient hybrid of Quadrisection and Regula Falsi methods. The implementation results validate that the new algorithm outperforms the existing hybrid algorithms. Thus, we contribute an essential hybrid algorithm to the repertoire of root finding algorithms.
Key Words: Bisection, Trisection, Quadrisection, Regula Falsi, Newton-Raphson, Secant, Hybrid Algorithm.
[1]. Donna Calhoun
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