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Vol. 2, No. 3 [March 2016]:

Paper Title :: Some more q -Methods and their applications
Author Name :: Prashant Singh || Pramod Kumar Mishra
Country :: India
Page Number :: 01-13
This paper is a collection of q analogue of various problems. It also aims at focusing on work performed by various researchers and describes q analogues of various functions. We have also proposed q analogue of some integral transforms (viz. Wavelet Transforms, Gabor Transform etc.)
Keywords -q analogue, basic analogue, q method, classical method, basic hyper-geometric function
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Paper Title :: Characteristics and strategies of three major contradictions for continental facies multi-layered sandstone reservoir at ultra-high water cut stage
Author Name :: Pan Mengmeng
Country :: China
Page Number :: 14-17
Daqing oil field has large continental facies multi-layered sandstone reservoirs,which are at ultra-high water cut stage. There exist significant changes in prediction characteristics of various reservoirs.Based on the water displacing oil experiment, fine reservoir numerical simulation and dynamic production monitoring data,the variable characteristics of the three major contradictions of planer layer,interlayer and inner layer in high water cut stage,as well as the dominant factors influencing above contradictions were systemically analyzed,providing a reference for the development of multi-layered sandstone reservoirs using water flooding technique.
Key words: Continental facies.Multi-layered sandstone reservoirs.Ultra-high water cut stage.Three major contradictions mechanism.
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Paper Title :: The Relevance of Non-Linear Seismic Analysis for Masonry Structures within the Seismic Zones of Palestine
Author Name :: Samir H. Helou, P. E. || Riad Awad
Country :: Nablus, Palestine
Page Number :: 18-23
Design of seismically resistant structures in Palestine is presently an obligatory requirement according to the local government bylaws because the region lies well within an active earthquake prone zone. The Seismic Zones in Palestine are either in 1, 2A, 2B and 3; i.e. between 0.15g and 0.3g which are equivalent to about 5 - 6.9 degrees on the Richter Scale. Local structures are generally designed in accordance with the 1997 Uniform Building Code regulations with the intention of providing life safety performance under a potential design earthquake; the ubiquitous Jordanian Design Code is a replicate of the UBC97. Furthermore, structural analysis is accomplished by either the Equivalent Lateral Load Method or the Response Spectrum Method. Seldom does mundane structural engineering resort to time domain analysis. Present local design practices assume that structures continue to behave elastically which may not be the case under strong seismic events. Contemporary building structures in Palestine are, by enlarge, comprised of reinforced concrete frames in-filled with masonry walls but the interaction of the later with the rest of the structure is seldom investigated. Masonry structures therefore refer to buildings that have exterior infill un-reinforced stone-clad walls. The present undertaking presents a detailed structural study example that includes, inter alias, a regular and an irregular plan of a common six story edifice; the same exercise is repeated for a twenty story edifice. The numerical models investigated are built with due respect to the common construction practices and the local building materials and are subjected to the expected seismic action. The discourse follows the philosophy of Performance Based Seismic Engineering procedure better known as FEMA 356 Nonlinear Pushover Analysis and using the universally acclaimed Finite Element Method software ETABS 2015. The PBSE procedure is gaining popularity worldwide because it is capable of adequately addressing existing as well as new structures. It has the capability of predicting the points of weakness within the structure, so that remedial retrofitting procedures may be applied if and when they become necessary or for testing the adequacy of new structural designs. The focus of the following study is the relevance of nonlinear analysis to local building structural systems; or conversely a study of the adequacy of the local construction systems to comply with modern seismic design requirements and approach knowing the severity of tremors potentially expected in Palestine.
Keywords: Masonry Structures; Fema 356; Nonlinear Analysis; Performance Based Engineering
[1]. ACI 318-08 (2008) Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary, American Concrete Institute.
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Paper Title :: Multi-Core Architectures for parallel programs with a Survey of Performance Evaluation Methods
Author Name :: L.AMUDHA || T.M. NITHYA || J. RAMYA
Country :: India
Page Number :: 24-29
The Number of cores on the processor chip increases at each release of a new generation of CPU. The processor performance increases rapidly every decade. At the same time, Multi core CPUs reduces power consumption when compared to multiprocessors. As the number of cores on multi-cores increase, all cores must be effectively utilized. So there should be a different approach in programming. Today movement from traditional programming to parallel programming becomes inevitable. And most of the parallel programs need to be hard coded manually by a person. A special compiler and scheduler is needed to handle the parallel programs that would run on a multi-core processor. The performance metrics, factors that affect the performance, and challenges faced in multi-core and parallel programming are discussed briefly in this paper.
Keywords: Multi-core, parallel programming languages, performance, speed-up.
[1]. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallel_computing
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[1]. S. Akhter, and J. Roberts, Multi–Core Programming. USA: Inter Press, 2006.
Journal Papers:
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Country :: India
Page Number :: 30-37
fibrere in forced polymer composites, developed primarily for the aerospace and defence industries, are a class of materials with great potential to use in civil infrastructure. Since the construction of the first all-composite bridge superstructure in Miyun, China, in 1982, they have been gradually gaining acceptance from civil engineers as a new construction material. During these 30 years, their proved to be useful in a few areas of application: mostly in form of sheets and strips for strengthening existing bridge structures, and to some extent, as reinforcing bars substituting steel as concrete reinforcement. Also, a number of constructions have built, in which FRP composites replaced traditional materials for structural elements (girders, bridge decks, stay cables). Among these constructions there is a relatively big amount of hybrid bridge structures, where only a part of the superstructure is made of FRP composites, and a much smaller amount of all-composite bridge structures, with superstructures made exclusively of this material. The purpose of this paper is to present the state of the art in the use of FRP composites in bridge engineering with the focus on hybrid and all-composite structures. Firstly, the paper will present the basic information about FRP composites, including the definition, description of the components, mechanical properties and general areas of application. Then, it will focus on FRP composites as the material of which structural elements are made, describing manufacturing processes relevant to civil engineering applications, assortment of structural profiles, cables, tendons and bridge deck systems, presenting the problem of codes and design guidelines that refer to the use FRP composites as the construction material, and methods of joining structural elements. Thirdly, it will compare the properties of FRP composites with those of traditional materials. Finally, there are presented some examples of hybrid and all composite bridge structures and a list of 355 constructions made of this material around the world, with basic data and references providing more information.
Keywords: modern materials, FRP composites, fibres, polymers, GFRP, CFRP, all composite bridge structures, hybrid bridge structures
[1]. Bank L.C.: Composites for Construction-Structural Design with FRP Materials, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2006
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Country :: India
Page Number :: 38-45
In many parts of India it is common practice to construct buildings on hill slopes, if there is a natural hill sloping terrain. The buildings on a sloping terrain undergo severe torsion under earthquake excitations due to considerable variation in the height of ground floor columns. Buildings constructed on hill slopes are highly unsymmetrical in nature. In the present study, three groups of building (i.e. configurations) are considered, out of which two are resting on sloping ground and third one is on plain ground. The first one is set back buildings and next two are step back and step back-set back buildings. The slope of ground is 10 degree with horizontal, which is neither too steep nor too flat. The height and length of building in a particular pattern are in multiple of blocks (in vertical and horizontal direction), the size of block is being maintained at 5m x 5 m x 4m. The depth of footing below ground level is taken as 2 m where, the hard stratum is available. Earthquake analysis has been carried out by Equivalent lateral force method (static method) or Dynamic analysis.' The static method is the simplest method with less computational effort. Dynamic analysis should be performed for regular buildings greater than 40 m in height in zones IV and V, and those greater than 90 m in height in zones II and III. For irregular buildings higher than 12 m in zones IV and V, and those greater than 40m in height in zones II and III, dynamic analysis is to be performed. In present case its height doesn't exceed 40m in any case. Using the analysis results various graphs were drawn between the Storey displacements, base shear, bending moment and torsion, being developed for the building on plane ground and sloping ground and the results were compared.
[1]. Bungalc S. Taranath "Reinforced concrete design of tall buildings", CRC Press, 2010.
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Paper Title :: A simple framework for calculating metrics of Fault Tolerant
Author Name :: Morrel VL Nunsanga
Country :: India
Page Number :: 46-51
The Association rule mining searches for interesting relationship among items in a given data set. There are still big challenges in finding out interesting relationship among items in large volume of data as these big volumes of data tend to contain errors or noises. In presence of such errors, the traditional approach for calculating support and confidence gives values which are at times meaningless. In this paper, the framework for computing the standard metrics i.e. confidence and support for Fault Tolerant Itemsets(FTI) is given, and in addition to the standard metrics, a new metric called, Interestingness is also introduced to add additional information to association rule for FTIs.
Keywords – Fault Tolerant Itemsets(FTI), Interestingness, confidence, support
[1]. Yang, Cheng, Usama Fayyad, and Paul S. Bradley. "Efficient discovery of error-tolerant frequent itemsets in high dimensions." Proceedings of the seventh ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining. ACM, 2001.
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[5]. S.-S. Wang and S.-Y. Lee, "Mining Fault-Tolerant Frequent Patterns in Large Database,"in Proc. Of Workshop on Software Engineering and Database Systems, InternationalComputer Symposium, Taiwan,

Paper Title :: A Comprehensive Survey of Non- Apriori Parallel Association Rule Mining Algorithms
Author Name :: Prachi Dorle || Roshan Gangurde
Country :: India
Page Number :: 52-56
There is three main parallel association rule mining algorithms:-Count Distribution algorithm, Data Distribution algorithm and Candidate Distribution algorithm. Existing parallel association rule mining algorithms suffer from many problems when mining huge transactional datasets. One major problem is that most of the parallel algorithms for a shared nothing environment are Apriori based algorithms. Apriori-based algorithms are proven to be non scalable due to many reasons, mainly: (1) the repetitive I/O disk scans, (2) the huge computation and communication 3) great deal of redundancy calculation involved during the candidacy generation. Since the databases to be mined are often very large, and the association rule mining is computationally and I/O intensive, we must rely on high-performance parallel mining method. This paper presents different parallel algorithms given by various researches to generate association rules by various methods. We have done comparative analysis of different algorithms for association rules on various parameters.
Index Terms—Non-Apriori, COFI-Tree, PBFI miner, IFP Tree
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Paper Title :: Design &Analysis of wind Turbine using Evolutionary computing Techniques
Author Name :: Arun Pratap || Mr.Sushil Kumar || Dr.Rahul malhotra
Country :: India
Page Number :: 57-64
A reliable protection system is a primary requirement of today's power systems to reduce damage of transmission line due to unexpected faults. An accurate identification and diagnosis of fault is must to ensure the reduced outage time, operating costs, and customer complaints. The paper presents the approach based on the wavelet transform of the fault transients. The approach adopted here addresses the detection and classification of various types of fault which occurs on transmission line and presents a comparison with simulation results.
Keywords —Fourier, Power Transmission and Distribution, Discrete Wavelet Transform, Multi resolution analysis (MRA)
[1]. Prince Jose, Bindu V.R (2014). ―Wavelet-Based Transmission Line Fault Analysis‖ International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology (IJEIT) Volume 3, Issue 8,ISSN: 2277-3754.
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Country :: India
Page Number :: 65-68
Broadcasting is usually a high data rate application where it traditionally uses wireless medium. The transmission in these network declines throughput and consumes more time. It is overcome in passive optical wired networks which provides fast transmission and triple play services. A variety protocol is transmitted over a network in order to locate the protocol for better performance. The analysesof these protocol reveal that RMM provide improved throughput and drop tail.
Keywords: Drop tail, Reliable Multimedia Multicasting, Passive Optical Network
[1]. Muhammad Khalil Afzal Byung-seo kim, and sung wonkim,"Efficient and reliable MPEG-4 multicast MAC protocol for wireless network", IEEE transaction on vehicular technology, vol.64,no.3,march 2015.
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Author Name :: R. Yamuna Bharathi || S. Subhashini || T. Manvitha || S. Herald Lessly
Country :: India
Page Number :: 69-76
The growing concern of resource depletion and global pollution has lead to the development of new materials relying on renewable resources. Many by- products are used as aggregate for concrete. Seashell waste which is a major financial and operational burden on the shellfish industry is used as an ingredient in concrete thus offering alternatives to preserve natural coarse aggregate for future generation. Seashell is mainly composed of calcium and the rough texture make it suitable to be used as partial coarse aggregate replacement which provides an economic alternative to the conventional materials such as gravel. Experimental studies were performed on conventional concrete and mixtures of seashell with concrete. The percentage of seashell, is varied from 3% to 11%. Also the cement is replaced for 25% of flyash. The mechanical properties of concrete such as compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, and workability are evaluated. This research helps to access the behaviour of concrete mixed with seashell and determination of optimum percentage of combined mixture which can be recommended as suitable alternative construction material in low cost housing delivery especially in coastal areas and near fresh water where they are found as waste.
KEY WORDS:Seashell, compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, workability, coastal areas.
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Paper Title :: Total Quality Leadership (TQL) by Quality Assurance in the Engineering College in India
Author Name :: Dr. Porag Kalita
Country :: India
Page Number :: 01-07
Leadership means, "Process of influencing group activities towards the accomplishment of goals in a given situation "and from the said definition says:
# Leadership is a relationship between two or more.
# Leadership does not grow in a vacuum.
# Leadership is function of a leader, etc.
Therefore, Total Quality Leadership is a strategic approach to producing best students from the Engineering College in India and in this regard , the new economic policies of the Govt of India aimed at globalization represent a Copernican Revolution in economic thinking in this country like India. For the competitive environment, TQL has gained wide importance in industry and is generally being introduced in Educational Institutions like Engineering College in India. However, educational system can‟t be treated as industry. But there are similarities with respect to their sub-components. Each of these viewed as a system consists of input, process, management, resources, output and feedback. For the engineering colleges the system is complex, as it involves human beings as input to and output from the system. Students are input and customer too.
Key words: Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Pareto Analysis, Quality Assurance, skill development, Total Quality Leadership, Total Quality Management, Wisdom.
[1]. Course Material, Executive Development Programme in IIM Bangalore, from July 17th to 21st, 1995 and Course Director, Prof. L. Prasad.
[2]. Course Material, Management Development programme in XLRI, Jamshedpur, from January 2nd to 6th, 1995 and Course Director Prof. M.V. Madan.
[3]. Paper by Dr. Porag Kalita, CTE International Conference was held Guwahati University, Assam from 7th November to 9th, 2008.
[4]. Proceeding of CTE International Seminar was held Dibrugarh University, Assam, from 7th Feb to 9th/2013.
[5]. Course Material (Private Circulation) from NCLM, Chennai, 1999.

Paper Title :: Blue-Light-Emitting Eu2+ Doped Lithium Calcium Silicate Phosphor for White-Light-Emitting-Diode
Author Name :: U. B. Gokhe || S. K. Omanwar
Country :: India
Page Number :: 08-13
Eu2+ doped lithium calcium silicate Li2CaSiO4 phosphor was successfully prepared by traditional solid state reaction method at 800 oC. Morphology was studied by SEM demonstrated that the particle size was in the range of 2-10 μm, chemical composition was studied by EDAX and the exact phase was studied by XRD of the host sample. The excitation spectra is recorded in the range of 350 to 400nm considering solid state lighting application. The structure in the excitation spectrum is assigned to the crystal field splitting of the 5d level of Eu2+ ions. Upon 376nm excitation Li2CaSiO4:0.01Eu2+ shows blue emission band with peak at 480 nm and a full width at half maximum (FWHM) of 31 nm. The optimum concentration of Eu2+ was 0.1 mole%. Concentration quenching is mainly caused by the nonradiative energy transfer among Eu2+, which occurred as a result of multipole–multipole interaction. CIE colour coordinates were (x=0.108 and y=0.140), which clearly indicate that the phosphor Li2CaSiO4:Eu2+can be used as a potential blue phosphor candidate for the phosphor-converted blue LEDs as well as white LEDs under near-UV excitation.
KEYWORDS: Morphology, photoluminescence, optimum concentration, color coordinates.
[1]. Z.G. Xiao, Z.Q. Xiao, United States Patent 6,093,346.
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Paper Title :: Solar Assisted Photocatalytic Degradation of Reactive Azo Dyes in Presence of Anatase Titanium Dioxide
Author Name :: Mohammad Al-Amin || Shaikat Chandra Dey || Taslim Ur Rashid || Md. Ashaduzzaman || Sayed Md. Shamsuddin
Country :: Bangladesh
Page Number :: 14-21
The photocatalytic degradation of two model azo dyes, RemazolOrange and RemazolRed, were investigated using commercial anatase titanium dioxide (TiO2) as photocatalyst. Direct solar radiation during the duration from 12:00 p.m to 2:30 p.m was applied as an irradiation source. The percent degradation of model dyes in water was measured by UV-Visible spectroscopy. The effects of operational parameters i.e.irradiation time, initial concentration of dye, catalyst loading, and pH of solution on degradation have been investigated. The maximum degradation for Remazol Orange and Remazol Red reached to 91% and 85% respectively for the specific experimental conditions of both dye concentration of 10 mg/L with 200 mg/L anatase titanium dioxide at pH 3.0 and 180 minute irradiation. The presence of anatase phase of TiO2 was confirmed by x-ray diffraction (XRD). The morphological features of the catalyst were analyzed by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).
Keywords: Photocatalytic degradation, Solar radiation, Reactive azo dyes, anatase TiO2, XRD,SEM.
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Author Name :: Arthy.R || Jamuna Sankara Vadivoo.S || Kala.A || Nandhini.N || Mr.J.Britto
Country :: India
Page Number :: 22-25
now a day, electricity power consumers have increased in every sector like rural, urban, residential, and commercial and in industrial area. Hence it is very important to ensure proper use of energy to generate accurate bills, invoices and try to reduce the frauds. electromagnetic watt meter reading done by human operator requires huge number of labor operators. they may be prone to reading error, also has errors while recording what was read, during data entry. it is hard to access the meters at rural accounts, indoor meters and meters with obstacles. To avoid this here we are going to introduce automatic meter reading concepts (AMR) which automatically collect the consumption of energy and then the system transfer that collected data to a central database for billing. because of this expenses are reduced on meter reader, his periodic trips to each house to read a meter in case when in the first trip reading is not available. With this automation speed, accurateness and effectiveness has increased. Here transistor logic (TTL) serial camera is used to capture the image and wirelessly transfer this to server personal computer (pc) where it undergoes processing to extract digits and with reference to previous month data base new bill is generated with tariff consideration.
KEYWORDS—AMR; camera; energy meter; gsm; zigbee.
[1]. Priya Kamble, Sonali Bodkhe, "A new approach for design and implementation of AMR in Smart Meter",
International Journal of Advanced EngineeringSciencesandTechnology, Vol.2, PP. 57-61, 25April2011.
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network", IEEE, 8th International Power Engineering Conference, pp. 465-469,2007.
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IEEE International conference held at Kottayam, pp. 65-72, 2013.

Paper Title :: Nested Reinforcement Learning for Leukemia
Author Name :: Mr. J. Joseph Ignatious || Ms. V.Lawanya || Ms. N.Kirubashankari || Ms. G.Saranya
Country :: India
Page Number :: 26-36
Reinforcement Learning with Particle Filter (RLPF) is simulation-based techniques useful in solving Markov decision processes if their transition probabilities are not easily accessible if it's have a very large number of states. The main idea of RLPF is to use particle filtering as a method for choosing the sampling points, for calculating a parameter vector for each trial, the impact of step sizes when function approximation is combined with RLPF. This method used to detect leukemia from the number of White Blood Cell (WBC) in microscopic images to help clinician for diagnosis of leukemia and blood related disease. The RLPF method have implemented by using image enhancement and segmentation method. The analysis such as grayscale conversion, image sharpening, contrast adjustment, and morphological operation, proved that leukemia can be detected by fine tune of parameter with accuracy. Therefore, image enhancement and segmentation technique to help clinician in diagnosis of leukemia and other blood related diseases.
KEYWORDS - Particle filter, Q-Learning, Reinforcement Learning (RL), Semi-Markov Decision Process (SMDP), Short Stochastic Path (SSP).
[1]. Grossi, P., and H. Kunreuther. ― Catastrophe modeling: A new approach to managing risk‖. Springer. 2005.
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Paper Title :: Vibration Response and Chacreteristics of a Different Car Models
Author Name :: Arshad Mehmood
Country :: Oman
Page Number :: 37-43
The displacement response of different masses of half car model. The analysis has been done for different car models also to see the dynamic response of the driver body coupled with the seat of a vehicle. It has been assumed the driver body is rigidly coupled with seat of the vehicle. The vehicle has been modeled for two D.O.F, in two D.O.F Half car model two motion (Pitch and Bounce) have been considered. The response of the vehicle has been obtained for different velocities and different amplitudes sinusoidal bump excitation.
Keywords: Beam, Half car Model, Degree of Freedom, Model development, Lagrange equation
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Paper Title :: Fattening sheep by citrus pulp
Country :: Morocco
Page Number :: 44-49
The livestock sector is an activity that has a great importance in the national economy in general and in rural areas in particular. It is considered as an income-generating activity for million homes in rural areas. Our experience has focused on 60 lambs that have been divided into three batch receiving different diets for a period of 3 months. We have found differences between the performance of growth of lambs of the three batchs : the sheep that have fed our formula F1 have past with an average weight of 24,200 to46,900kg. The diet F2 (pulp not treated) has helped to achieve a final average weight of 43.300kg. The batch F3 has seen a growth that has not exceeded the 33.000kg in the average weight. The reported test has allowed acquiring good results with particularly the formula that is based on the treated pulp. The study of mineral deficiencies of sheep in the region of Mograne, has allowed us to see that there is a deficiency at the level of the Magnesium which represents the dominant constituent of the bone structure for the 2 witnesses (F2) and(F3). The mineral complementation in this case is an effective mean of preventing mineral deficiencies and malnutrition.
Keywords: Citrus pulp, average weight, mineral deficiencies, treated pulp.
[1]. (Marchall.N et Besancenot.J.M . 1997. incorporation de pulpes fraiche de citrus dans l'alimentation des vaches laitiers.
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Author Name :: P.Sethunathan || T.R.Krishnamani || R.Sathyapriya || M.Geetha
Country :: India
Page Number :: 50-56
The heat transfer conditions in automotive exhaust piping are only recently being studied in depth because of their important role in the design and optimization phases of exhaust after-treatment systems. High Jet pipe temperature is one of the critical parameter which controls the engine operation. The high jet pipe is governed by fuel flow and airflow through the engine. The temperature reduction done by Burner tests, combustion chamber throat area checking, compressor efficiency. The engine control system is designed so that the exhaust gas temperature will normally be maintained with in safe margin.
KEYWORDS: HJPT, Flame tube, Compressor, Burner test, Throat area check.
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Paper Title :: Risk Planning in Construction of Highway Project: Case Study
Author Name :: Aitwar Vishambar || Sontakke Kaustubh || Patel Kartik || Ashwini Salunkhe
Country :: India
Page Number :: 57-63
Risk management is an activity which integrates recognition of risk, risk assessment, developing strategies to manage it, and mitigation of risk using managerial resources. Risks can come from various sources: e.g., uncertainty in financial markets, threats from project failures (at any phase in design, development, production, or sustainment life-cycles), legal liabilities, credit risk, accidents, natural causes and disasters as well as deliberate attack from an adversary, or events of uncertain or unpredictable root-cause. This study describes the different steps for effective risk management planning in construction of highway project.
KEYWORDS – Mitigation, Planning, Risk Assessment, Risk Management.
[1]. Dr.Haitham H.Al-Shibly, Dr.Basem M.Louzi, Mohammad A.Hiassat, The impact of risk management on construction projects success from the employees perspective, Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business,5(4), 2013,13-14.
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